T.O.P Is Selling G-Dragon’s Painting on a Second-Hand Online Shop

T.O.P decided to sell a painting he received from G-Dragon as a gift.

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P recently announced that he’ll be selling a painting he received from G-Dragon in a second-hand online shop.

One of the photos T.O.P shared on his official Instagram account shows a screenshot of a post G-Dragon uploaded showing a painting with T.O.P tagged in it.

T.O.P also shared a chat he exchanged with G-Dragon regarding the sale of the painting.

G-Dragon: It came out great.

T.O.P: Anyway, the painting’s not my style. Can I sell it on a second-hand online shop? A direct exchange of G-Dragon’s painting. But no discount allowed. Hey, I get you Antony.

G-Dragon: Okay. Sell it one of those charity events and buy something else. It’ll sell for more than Antony. Haha. That’s totally up to you. I gave this to you before you said you’d give me Antony. You have all the good stuff. How do you expect us to get you any gifts?

T.O.P: Second-hand online shop.

– Chat Log

After sharing proof that G-Dragon gave him permission, T.O.P also shared the details of where it will be sold.

As for which painting he’s selling, T.O.P hasn’t revealed that yet.

I’m not going to show you the painting until the exchange! Why, you ask? Because I feel like it!

– T.O.P

But what’s for certain is that it will sell for a lot of money.

Source: Dispatch


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