Where Is Trainee A Now? What Happened To HYBE’s Disbanded Project Group

Some have already debuted!

One aspect of K-Pop that has changed from the past is the introduction of trainees before their debut. While it did happen in the past, these days, trainees are sometimes treated as though they are a group that has already debuted at times.

Shows like Boys Planet was based around forming a group using mostly trainees.

One of the many pre-debut trainee groups that drew much attention was Trainee A from HYBE.  Made up of seven membersLeo, Yorch, Sangwon, Woochan, James, JJ, and Jihoon — Trainee A were officially introduced in January 2022, though there was activity before that.

Trainee A

The group spent much of 2022 building a fanbase and preparing netizens for their debut later that year. Unfortunately, trouble began early for the pre-debut, starting with Leo’s misogynistic lyrics scandal and following his departure in August 2022.

HYBE Trainee Leo Announces He’s Leaving Trainee A, Raising Concerns About The Wellbeing And Protection Of Idols

In December 2022, all of Trainee A’s accounts were shut down, and Yorsh released a statement confirming that the pre-debut project had ended.

| @yorch_yongsin/Instagram

Since the project ended, some trainees have made public career moves.

It was announced that Leo joined 131 Label in July 2023, home to B.I and other solo artists. Leo made his solo debut the following month with the single “One Look.”

Sangwon has released solo songs, potentially leading up to a solo debut, while Woochan has not announced any plans but is somewhat active on Instagram.

| Sangwon Lee/Soundcloud


Yorch also departed from the company and has since made his debut as a member of POW under GRID Entertainment.  Before this, he released his debut solo single.

| GRID Entertainment

Many believe JJ and Jihoon may be part of the upcoming Pledis boy group set to debut next year. James is also believed to still be at HYBE and was recently spotted as a backup dancer for Jungkook.

Hopefully, all former members of Trainee A will be able to follow their dreams!