TREASURE’s Haruto Was The Target Of Doyoung’s Cheesy Words

He knows what to say to lift the mood!

TREASURE‘s Doyoung knows how to make everyone laugh with his witty remarks!


When the group sat down for an interactive interview with YouTube channel MUPLY, they each picked a question to answer. Some talked about the occasions where they just didn’t understand each other, others picked their favorite senior in the company, and everyone did their famous aegyo!

One thing that made dancer Doyoung stand out from the rest was his cheesy lines. It started when Haruto was given a choice: “Choose between the two: 100% brightness or 0% of brightness”

He chose the latter explaining, “It’s better to not be able to see.” After all, the light may become a distraction in the end.

Since he became philosophical all of a sudden, the mood suddenly turned serious.

Ever the one to bring back the humor in life, Doyoung broke the ice! His words were a perfect fit for his cheesy personality: “It’s okay because Ruto shines by himself.”

The others immediately cheered for him and agreed, “He shines!”

Haruto took the joke well, grinning when he was nicknamed the “shiny man.”

For more fun moments between the members, check out the full video below!


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