TREASURE’s Hyunsuk, Jihoon, And Haruto Showed How Different They Are When They Acted Out The Same Scene

Their unique personalities shone!

TREASURE tried their hands at acting in TREASURE MAP Episode 35. The group was separated into three teams of four, and they all had to show off their individual talents and acting skills to SECHSKIESJiwon and Suwon.

Another thing they were tasked to do was to pick a random card and act out what was written there. Here, the differences between Jihoon, Hyunsuk, and Haruto were exemplified!

In a violent storm, the umbrella won’t open, and your hat blows away.

— Text Written On Card

The three members had notably different responses to the situation. Check them out below!

1. Jihoon

Jihoon was the first person who acted out what was written on the card. He immediately impressed everyone when he announced that he’d “start outside the door,” showing how he pays attention to every minor detail.

He used big, exaggerated movements to show how surprised he was at the sudden rain. Jiwon and Suwon even helped him out with improvised sound effects.

To make the scene more memorable, he used slapstick comedy and fell to the ground while fighting the broken umbrella!

SECHSKIES praised Jihoon, saying, “You made it seem real. [You’re] really something. Good job!” 

2. Hyunsuk

Since Hyunsuk saw Jihoon doing the task before him, he felt double the pressure. He knew that he had to show a unique performance especially when Jiwon said, “Jihoon did a terrific job!”

Though he started out just like his co-leader with tripping movements, he showed his own colors by taking on a completely different approach—he ended up calling his mom for help!

Mom! Where are you?

— Hyunsuk

He worked hard at the task from start to finish, with Jiwon helping him out intuitively.

Hyunsuk: Mom, my umbrella won’t open! Mom, it’s raining.

Jiwon: Where are you?

Hyunsuk: Gwangheungchang Station!

3. Haruto

Finally, Haruto was the most relaxed out of the three. It showed when he knew what approach he’d use after Suwon said, “Every group did the umbrella skit. Haruto, you know what to do right?”

Unlike his hyungs, he started the skit inside the room, and instead of tripping motions, he was jerking around as if electrocuted!

He kept at it until he fell to the ground, dead.

Jihoon was comedic, Hyunsuk was sensitive, and Haruto was chill—all unique ways to act out a single scene. To view their acting skills, check out the full video below!