TREASURE’s Jihoon Impresses With His Humility And Work Ethic As A Host For “Inkigayo”

He’s responsible for sure!

TREASURE showed fans their most real sides yet! In Episode 45 of TREASURE MAP, the boys filmed an hour’s worth of footage during the weekend. Jihoon took his camera to the gym on a Saturday where he ran on the treadmill.

He filmed himself and his TV screen, telling fans about his habit of watching Inkigayo every time he goes for a run. As one of its three MCs including Ahn Yujin and NCT’s Sungchan, it is his job to introduce the upcoming songs, interview singers, announce the winners, and more.

When I’m on the treadmill on Saturdays, I always monitor the previous week’s Inkigayo. First I watch all the MC scenes then I go through the whole thing. Right after every performance, I check if the flow was natural.

— Jihoon

It was that exact week when he watched the re-run of his cute mistake on stage! He accidentally forgot to say his ending lines right after Yujin.

Though TREASURE Makers found the scene adorable, he still vowed to do better.

This is the problem scene. You can see me panicking. Some said that was cute, but after learning from such mistakes, I can improve my skills. You can let it slide this time.

— Jihoon

It gave fans insight into his responsible character. As the co-leader of the group along with Hyunsuk, it is no wonder he has such a great work ethic.

Jihoon in “Inkigayo” | @treasuremembers/Twitter

Of course, Jihoon delivered error-free performances in the following weeks.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube


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