Triple Threat Chinese Girl Group Set To Debut, Sparking Discussion About Rise Of C-Pop

In a rising trend, a new 9-member girl group will debut soon consisting of members from China, Korea and Japan.

n.CH Entertainment has announced a new girl group will debut in August, consisting of 9 members of different nationalities including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.


The group is called Nature and is being promoted by the company as “girls from nature”, presenting a “healing” sound.

“Nature is the only talent group that can handle any genre since it has nine members with the best skills in Korea, China, and Japan. Like the clean healing power of nature, it will provide music that makes people feel better immediately while listening to it, and will show a different look from other groups.” — n.CH Entertainment CEO Chung Chang Hwan 


The company plans to carry out promotional activities before their official debut and has already released promotional details and a short teaser introducing the girls whose names include Sunshine, Gaga, and Aurora.


The announcement has fans discussing whether the sudden increase of multinational girl groups means a new future in Chinese pop, in light of the success of groups like TWICE.

“Looks like including Japanese and Chinese members is the new thing to go after, the triple threat. Japan has always been a safe expanse to try to make money in, but the Chinese market continues to make very large growth every year, it is now the #10 in the world, and it’s relatively pretty untapped. With T-ARA inactive right now, there is basically no girl group gunning for it. Also tangential side prediction: expect to see C-Pop blow up in the coming years.”

“I’m interested to see how Idol Producer and China’s Produce 101 groups do. They could be the key to C-Pop idols really blowing up.”


JYP Entertainment is also tapping into the Chinese market with the planned debut of their new boy group BOY STORY.

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And both SM Entertainment and CUBE Entertainment‘s rumored new groups to debut this year have members from Taiwan, China, and Thailand in the lineup too.

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In light of the new trend, netizens are wondering when TWICE will begin their promotions again in China, since the controversy surrounding Tzuyu‘s flag incident seems to have died down.

“I wonder if TWICE is off-limits in China, I feel like if things have cooled down by now JYP Entertainment should push them hard there. Securing South Korea, Japan and China would be an endless stream of revenue for TWICE and JYP Entertainment.”

“It seems like JYP Entertainment is cleared to operate in China, at least it sure seems so. Maybe they want to play it safe with TWICE for a little while longer just to make sure things have cooled down.”


Other groups aside, fans are excited to see what this new group has to offer!

Source: Daily Economy and Reddit