TWICE’s Chaeyoung And Jihyo Reveal Their Proudest Moments Since Debut

They both have their own views of those moments.

Harper’s Bazaar interviewed TWICE on a variety of topics, from their flawless skin to deeper matters like coping with Mina‘s absence.

Focusing on the many achievements the group has accomplished and the records they’ve broken, the magazine wanted to know what moments made them the proudest.

Out of all the members, leader Jihyo took the reins along with Chaeyoung to respond to the question. From debut until now, they both had their own versions of what that moment was to them.

For Chaeyoung, she didn’t have to think at all about what she found her proudest moment to be. It was a memory that all idols hold close to their hearts, “When we won first place in the music show program.”

Jihyo had a drastically different perspective on what she thought was her proudest moment. Since they’ve experienced so many things, she couldn’t decide on one single moment, “because I never know what’s coming!”

She believes that whatever she’s proud of most can always be replaced with something else that happens later. Instead, she values every moment and focuses her attention elsewhere: “I think it’s all about moving forward.” No matter what moment, TWICE finds it precious.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar