TWICE’s Chaeyoung Reveals This Member Is A Total “Tsundere”

And fans agree!

In her recent GQ Korea interview, TWICE‘s Chaeyoung revealed which fellow TWICE member she believes to be a typical “tsundere” – loosely translated to “someone who is cold/hostile at first but gradually friendly/affectionate.”


As soon as she picked out the prompt asking her to pick out the most tsundere member from the group…


… Chaeyoung enthusiastically answered, “Mina!”


Chaeyoung explained that while Mina is often composed and quiet – which could be considered her “tsuntsun” (or aloof) trait, she is also sensitive and caring.

Mina is very quiet most of the time, but she also takes care of me when she is with me. So I’ve always thought she’s somewhat a tsundere.

— Chaeyoung


ONCEs can’t help but agree Mina indeed has that tsundere vibe. It is one of the many charms that makes her irresistible!


Mina, who is currently away from the group to recover from her health concern, may be returning to pick up promoting with the rest of TWICE again. JYP Entertainment has not disclosed specific details yet, but ONCEs remain hopeful to see Mina again soon.

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Watch Chaeyoung’s full interview here: