TWICE Couldn’t Resist Falling For TXT’s Hueningkai After His Funny Mistake

Nayeon enjoyed the humorous moment the most.

To promote their title tracks, TWICE and TXT appeared on KBS‘s Music Bank and were nominated for the number one song. As the sunbaes, TWICE naturally took the win but not without having an adorable moment with their hoobaes.

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While the girls of TWICE have shown their soft spot for TXT more than once through busting out their dance moves to “Crown” or “Run Away” and loving how they handled a mishap during the Golden Disk Awards, this time the spotlight was all on Hueningkai.

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After Mina read her lines for TXT and TWICE’s mini-interview together, it was Hueningkai’s turn to end the segment. The maknae read his line perfectly until the second half, “Coming soon, we have performances of TWICE, competing for first place, and TXT too.

He took Music Bank‘s signature closing line, “Everyone, don’t miss out and hang tight for a little bit,” and accidentally reversed the order to say, “So everyone, in a little bit, don’t miss out! Hang tight!

The maknae played it off so well that it didn’t seem too out of place. It didn’t go unnoticed by his members and TWICE, though.

While Yeonjun bent forward in laughter with his members, Nayeon, Jihyo, Mina, and Chaeyoung couldn’t hide their smiles as they laughed at Hueningkai’s adorable mistake.

Funnily enough, Hueningkai wasn’t the only member to stumble over that same line. The previous week, Beomgyu completely blanked, “Everyone…? A little bit…

After the members lent a hand with, “Don’t miss out and…” Beomgyu caught right on, “Don’t miss out and hang tight for a little bit.

The mistake only made TWICE like the group even more. TXT always comes through to make their seniors smile, like Soobin bringing Sana joy by saving her escaped candy. Who doesn’t love to see such sweet interactions between these two groups?

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