TWICE Is Having Unrivaled Success In Japan For More Than Just Two Main Reasons

TWICE is already reaching the stars in Japan and everyone’s talking about the two main reasons why. 

TWICE’s signature “TT” pose, which began as a teaser for their debut, went viral all across the country! 

In fact, even Japanese celebrities ended up hooked on the cute pose.

TWICE’s “TT” has now become a viral trend in Japan

Additionally, having three Japanese members also helped make the group’s image more approachable and facilitates communication with Japanese fans.

Momo, Sana, and Mina are incredibly popular in Japan and were seen as celebrities even before TWICE’s Japanese debut. 

But those aren’t the only two reasons TWICE has become so popular so soon into their debut!

Their catchy music and charming personalities have earned them tons of fans.

Japanese fans know a lot more about TWICE than just the “TT” pose – they’re even cosplaying as the members!

And while Momo, Sana, and Mina are incredibly popular, Tzuyu has actually proven to be the most popular TWICE member in Japan!

TWICE Tzuyu’s Visuals Cause A Sensation In Japan

Her fan was the first to sell out at TWICE’s debut showcase in Tokyo.

And her photocards are selling for over $100 each!

TWICE Japanese Photocards Are Selling For $100 USD

Their Japanese label, Warner Music Japan, has done a stellar job promoting the group. 

They started very early in promoting TWICE, releasing the first teaser back in February.

And the marketing for their pre-debut even extended to the subways and streets in Tokyo.

They’ve quite literally taken over Shibuya, with giant advertisements in hot locations such as Shibuya 109 and Tower Records. 

And the “History Of TWICE” gallery at the Shibuya 109 Men’s drew in thousands of fans from all over the world.

The Shibuya 109 pop-up store became an instant success, selling out many goods in just a single day.

And they even held a collaboration with the iconic Tokyo Tower to celebrate their debut. 

TWICE Lights Up The Iconic Tokyo Tower With “TT”

TWICE’s Touchdown In Japan showcase completely sold out, and they had to hold a second show just to accommodate all of their official fanclub members!

With Their Grand Debut, TWICE Has Already Become A Top Artist In Japan

It was as if the entire city of Tokyo lined up to purchase merchandise at the showcase.

Last but certainly not least, ONCEs all over the world have been working non-stop to help promote TWICE in Japan and support their first album #TWICE.

In less than a month since their debut in Japan, TWICE’s is already catching up to Girls’ Generation and KARA in popularity.

Girls’ Generation’s Japanese debut album Genie sold 232,000 copies in a full year. However, TWICE’s debut album #TWICE sold 210,000 copies in just 7 days!

TWICE also reached 2nd in the Oricon Music Charts as soon as their debut album was released and were surprised to reach 1st place a week later. 

“We have three Japanese members so we really wanted to debut in Japan. We accomplished our dream and even reached first place which made us tear up.”

— TWICE’s Jihyo

With how successful they are already, it looks like their dream has definitely been achieved. 

Source: Ilgan Sports

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