Kim Sejeong And TWICE’s Jihyo Expose The Real-Life Struggle Of Vlogging

The expectation versus reality is very different.

Soloist and actress Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) and TWICE‘s Jihyo are showing off their adorable friendship through their recent Jeju vacation vlogs.

Kim Sejeong and Jihyo | @clean_0828/Instagram

Fans are loving seeing their humbleness and humor as the two prioritize having a relaxing vacation.

And we decided to make this trip therapeutic. So no plan. No plan whatsoever. And [we do] not care about whether people recognize us or not. Let’s just have fun.

– Jihyo

| @clean_0828/Instagram

And while Kim Sejeong and Jihyo are definitely having fun together…

| @clean_0828/Instagram

Their vlogs are also showcasing the realities behind having to film your vacation. In the most recent vlog, Jihyo even admits that she’s not used to taking so many photos on her trips.

Jihyo: It’s because of you. I don’t usually take photos.

Kim Sejeong: Really?

| TWICE/YouTube 

But even though she’s not used to documenting her vacations so thoroughly, Jihyo is excited to be able to remember the trip well.

Jihyo: But I like that we’re taking a lot of photos on this trip. When I travel, there are hardly any photos.

Kim Sejeong: Nothing to remember the trip by.

| TWICE/YouTube 

The two idols make the most of documenting their trip, with Jihyo paying extra consideration to her vlog. Trying to capture all the different shots she wants to include. And while Jihyo managed to capture some beautiful moments…

| TWICE/YouTube 

They didn’t happen naturally since the camera had to be in the right place to capture them.

Jihyo: I know what to shoot for our vlog. Stay right there~!

| TWICE/YouTube 

The two even overcame their concerns to take photos in front of a crowded restaurant.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Although vlogs take a lot of effort for idols to film, even when they’re on vacation, fans definitely appreciate them.

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