Netizens Believe TWICE’s Jihyo Entered Her “Legendary” Visual Phase With These Two Looks

It’s so hard to pick between the two!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is the total package: She’s hardworking, talented, and gorgeous! According to a recent trending post on a Korean forum, there are two looks that come to mind when netizens think of her “legendary” phases.

Short hair became a huge trend in 2018 and it’s possible Jihyo’s stunning cut for “Yes or Yes” helped play a part in it!

The look brought out her youthful, innocent visuals…

…as well as her mature and naturally beautiful side.

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When curled inwards, she gave off princess vibes.

However, a more tousled look gave her a sexy and edgy aura.

The versatile haircut was definitely a fan favorite!

The other look that left netizens shook was when she emerged with glowing tan skin for “Dance The Night Away.”

She became the human embodiment of summer with her gorgeous skin tone that broke boundaries for Korean beauty standards.

She was glowing both on stage…


…and off stage!

Whichever look you prefer, you can’t deny Jihyo can rock all of them!

At one legendary point, the two looks crossed paths! She rocked short hair and tan skin simultaneously.

She’s a visual queen!

Source: TheQoo