TWICE Mina And Jeongyeon’s Worst Sleep Paralysis Nightmares Will Give You Chills

“This was from a few years ago…”

Sleep paralysis is a terrifying experience, and it’s more common in the K-Pop industry than you might think. For example, in an episode of Showterview With JessiJessi and Red Velvet‘s Joy revealed that they suffer from it.

Unfortunately, TWICE‘s Mina and Jeongyeon have also experienced sleep paralysis. They shared their worst nightmares in a past interview, and the stories might give you chills!

TWICE’s Mina
TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon talked about her nightmare first. A few years ago, she dreamt of a giant grim reaper slowly making its way towards her. It even moved in a creepy manner.

This was from a few years ago—a super tall, two meter grim reaper. It was so tall that it was moving like this.

— Jeongyeon

As if that weren’t enough, suddenly, numerous grim reapers appeared around her. It’s no wonder Jeongyeon couldn’t forget about it!

And then many grim reapers came out together. I couldn’t see the face well, but it was tall.

— Jeongyeon

When Jihyo asked if anyone hears sounds when they sleep, Mina immediately raised her hand and described her worst nightmare.

Similar to Jeongyeon’s story, Mina dreamt of being swarmed by a group. The difference is that they whispered many incoherent words to her.

For me, one time there were many people, and they kept saying stuff inside my ears.

— Mina

Jeongyeon and Mina’s worst nightmares sound terrifying, especially because they couldn’t move their bodies as it happened. Here’s to hoping they don’t experience nightmares anymore!

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