TWICE’s Momo Has This Habit For Ordering Deliveries In South Korea

It’s a relatable habit for foreigners.

TWICE‘s Sana, Momo, and Nayeon were the latest guests on Jonathan‘s TheKstarNextDoor. During the interview, the members opened up about everything from their relationship with each other to awkward encounters with other idols and even with their staff.

After being prompted by the staff, Jonathan was surprised to realize that Sana’s name was not really Kim Sana.

Jonathan: Oh, Kim Sana, it’s not your real name?

Sana: Since I stay in Korea…

Jonathan: Oh, as you stay in Korea.

Sana: They told me that I was good at Korean so I became Kim Sana.

Sana | Diggle/YouTube 

Of course, since Sana isn’t the only foreign member in TWICE, Jonathan asks if Momo has a name she uses in Korea.

Jonathan: Since you’re also staying in Korea, don’t you have something like Kim Sana or Oh Sana?

Jonathan and Momo | Diggle/YouTube 

Nayeon explains that Momo can also be called Lee Na Young because she resembles the famous actress.

Nayeon: She has Lee Na Young. They say she looks like her.

Jonathan, Sana, Momo, and Nayeon | Diggle/YouTube 
Actress Lee Na Young

And while Momo is embarrassed by the comparison, quickly sharing that she wasn’t the one who came up with the comparison…

Momo: I didn’t say that. For real.

Nayeon: Can’t I say it?

Momo: You can but…

| Diggle/YouTube 

She clarifies that she uses the name specifically when ordering deliveries.

Momo: When I order boxes, I sometimes use the name Lee Na Young.

Jonathan: Oh, you order things with another name?

Momo: Yes.

| Diggle/YouTube 

And Jonathan can instantly relate since he also uses another name when ordering deliveries.

Nayeon: What do you use?

Jonathan: James.

| Diggle/YouTube 

You can read more about the interview here.

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