TWICE’s Nayeon Proves Her Close Relationship With ITZY In A Hilarious Way

The two groups might be closer than you think!

Labelmates TWICE and ITZY often show their love and support for each other in the most heartwarming ways.

ITZY at TWICE’s 2019 concert in Tokyo

TWICE debuted in 2015, four years before their labelmates ITZY debuted in 2019. ITZY has looked up to their senior labelmates’ success and often receives encouragement from the TWICE members.

TWICE’s Dahyun even promoted ITZY when she was supposed to promote her own group, further proving their love for each other.

TWICE’s Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung with ITZY’s Ryujin, Yuna, and Chaeryeong

During TWICE’s 2019 TWICELIGHTS tour, Dahyun adorably gave ITZY member Yeji a birthday shout-out during the concert. This led the audience to join in singing her “Happy Birthday.”

For Nayeon‘s solo debut, they returned the love by participating in the “Pop!” dance challenge while Nayeon appeared as a special guest on their show, Gap of ITZY.

During the show, the members could share more adorable moments with Nayeon. In one part, the members gathered Nayeon, the oldest member of TWICE, and Yuna, the youngest member of ITZY, to the center of the room for a brief heart-to-heart.

The two held hands as ITZY pointed out how nervous Yuna was. Nayeon offered to buy ITZY’s maknae a meal, and she nearly fell over while living her fangirl dreams.

| maren saida/YouTube 

There was one moment in particular where Nayeon hilariously proved she might know the ITZY members better than the younger group would expect.

ITZY’s leader Yeji asked which ITZY member Nayeon believed annoyed Yeji the most. Nayeon quickly scanned the room and answered, “Ryujin.”

Ryujin and Yeji both knowingly cracked up at Nayeon’s accurate answer. The two ITZY members are known to be very close, so they likely have irritated each other at times, much like siblings or best friends.

The two groups continue to prove their close relationship, showing they may be closer than fans think.

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