TWICE’s Nayeon Shows Off Her 7 Prized Possessions, And 2 Are From Momo

She cherishes each of them ❤️

With her immense popularity and wealth, TWICE‘s Nayeon could probably own anything in the world. That doesn’t mean, however, that she doesn’t cherish the gifts she receives from her loved ones!

In a recent vlog, Nayeon brought fans her room and showed them seven items that she holds dear to her heart. Check them out below!

1. Snow Lamp

The first item that Nayeon proudly brought out was a snow lamp that one of her closest friends gifted her.

This is so cute. I must show this. My close friend gave this to me as a gift. My light happens to be broken. I didn’t turn it on often so as not to break it. So cute, I’m gonna turn it on.

— Nayeon

2. Picture Frame

Another item that she cherishes is a handmade picture frame that her mom gave her. Adorably, one of Nayeon’s photos from “Dance The Night Away” was placed beside a photo of her mom from when she was younger.

3. Teddy Bears

Next, she brought out two teddy bears that Momo gifted her on her birthday, describing it as “so cute.”

This is a doll that Momo gave me as a birthday gift. I’ll show you. So cute.

— Nayeon

4. Painting

Unfortunately, Nayeon refused to show the picture that she herself painted! She claimed that it would be better for fans to not see it.

And there’s a picture I painted. You can’t see it, right? It’s better if you don’t see it.

— Nayeon

5. Handmade Box

Another one of Nayeon’s prized possessions came from Momo. This time around, Nayeon received a handmade box that Momo personally decorated.

And here is a gift that Momo made for all the girls. She made such a pretty box.

— Nayeon

6. Polaroid

After describing Momo’s box, Nayeon showed off a group photo that TWICE took during their first Arena Tour in 2018.

And here we have a group photo. This is from the Arena Tour.

— Nayeon

7. New York Souvenir

Last but not the least, Nayeon’s seventh prized possession is chocolate from New York. Aside from being a meaningful souvenir from her trip, she was also drawn to it because of its logo.

And this is from our trip to New York. The logo ‘NY’ is so cute, so I bought it but never ate it.

— Nayeon

See more of Nayeon in the full video below!

Source: TWICE


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