TWICE’s Nayeon Surprises Fans By Visiting Her Fan-Organized Birthday Event And Leaving A Heartfelt Letter

Nayeon had a gift for unsuspecting fans on her birthday.

TWICE Nayeon‘s birthday is on September 22, and ONCEs are proudly celebrating the talented TWICE member.

TWICE’s Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Twitter

Nayeon first appeared on the competition reality show SIXTEEN in 2015, a few months before she turned 20 years old.

She finished the show as the number one ranked contestant as fans and the judges fell in love with her charming talent and personality. Since then, she has been able to greet fans as a beloved member of TWICE for the last seven years!

Nayeon on “SIXTEEN”

When K-Pop idols have birthdays, fans often go all out to make sure their favorite idol feels and receives love on their special day.

Fans have organized hashtags to send heartfelt messages, bought billboards to display birthday greetings, and even thrown in-person events, such as cup sleeve events, for idol birthdays.

A cup sleeve event for TWICE Dahyun’s birthday in 2019 | @Lumiere_KDH/Twitter

Idols have been known to surprise fans at these types of events before, and that is just what Nayeon did this year at one of her fan-thrown birthday events!

Nayeon showed up at a cafe where fans had decorated the room with pictures and videos of her, and a banner for her birthday.

While it was her birthday, it seemed like she was the one giving out gifts. Her gesture of making time in her busy schedule to stop by the event was already touching to fans, but Nayeon went the extra mile by giving out her autograph to ONCEs who were there and even left a heartfelt handwritten letter for fans to express her gratitude for their support.

Nayeon’s letter to fans | @firstrabbit922/Twitter

It’s only my birthday.. ㅠㅠ
Seeing ONCEs being more excited than me and preparing this and that to congratulate me gives me strength and makes me happy
Thanks so much for congratulating me
I’m happy and am having a birthday filled with love thanks to you ~~ Thank you

— Nayeon

Last year, Nayeon also thoughtfully gave fans a gift on her birthday by recording a special personal vlog that took fans along on an outing to the river.

Check out more about the vlog below!

TWICE’s Nayeon Celebrates Her Birthday By Gifting Fans A Vlog Filled With Adorable Girlfriend Vibes