TWICE Are The Definition Of Professional — Fixing A Wardrobe Malfunction So Seamlessly You Probably Missed It

“You can’t notice it at first, but…”

TWICE have been one of the most prominent girl groups in K-Pop since their debut in 2015. Over their years together, the group has continually demonstrated their tremendous talent and tight-knit bond. TWICE even overcame the “seven-year curse,” and all resigned their contracts to stay together as a group.


There is certainly no denying TWICE’s incredible professionalism, especially when it comes to their impressive performances.

Recently, TWICE performed at NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen, an annual New Year’s Eve television special in Japan.


The members gave a captivating performance with their stunning vocals and always-synchronized dance moves.

But one moment that especially shows TWICE’s experience in the industry went almost unnoticed by fans.

During the performance, Momo‘s mic pack fell…

Momo’s mic pack falls | @mively37/Twitter 

But Jihyo and Nayeon were able to help put it back in place within a matter of seconds.

Jihyo and Nayeon help put it back in place | @mively37/Twitter 

All three idols kept performing like nothing had happened, impressing fans with their professionalism.

TWICE keeps performing | @mively37/Twitter 

Fans were understandably proud of TWICE’s quick thinking and seamless fix.

There’s no denying that TWICE are true professionals, always giving their all to their every performance.


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