TWICE’s ISAC Entrance Was So Powerful, Even Dahyun Was Amazed

Even she isn’t immune to their charms.

The Idol Star Athletics Championship recently aired for Chuseok, and TWICE‘s Dahyun had tuned in to watch. She also made sure to share a clip of her reacting to it with ONCEs.


And, it showed another side of her that everyone could relate to, especially fans.

As soon as Dahyun saw herself on screen sitting with the other hosts, she got excited and pointed out that she was seeing herself.

When TWICE came out for the archery portion in their Hunger Game-esque outfits, she couldn’t hold back her amazement. She instantly said, “Wow,” and exclaimed how cool they looked.

TWICE’s entrance definitely made waves among everyone for their powerful visuals, and Dahyun couldn’t help but notice it herself. It seems like fans aren’t the only ones amazed by their idols.