Only Two Songs By SM Entertainment Songwriter Kenzie Share This Lyric, And NCT’s Doyoung Confirmed It

These songs are over ten years apart, but have one thing in common.

SM Entertainment‘s powerhouse producer Kenzie has dozens of K-Pop hits under her belt and has been working with the company’s groups for almost two decades. But throughout all of the songs she’s composed, there’s one lyric she’s only pulled out twice!

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Kenzie composed Girls’ Generation‘s 2007 debut song “Into The New World,” which has been a fan-favorite ever since its release. This hopeful track got the group their first win and was reimagined as a touching ballad for their anniversary!

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It also contains one of only two uses of the phrase “I love you” in a Kenzie song; the first line in the song’s chorus says, “I love you, just like this.

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The only other song by Kenzie to have this phrase is none other than NCT 127‘s latest title track, “Favorite (Vampire)!” This track is all about yearning for a forbidden love and the music video has the members playing vampires.

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In the first line of the chorus, the members sing, “I love you, and I love you again.

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NCT’s Doyoung revealed this fact during the group’s countdown livestream for the release of their repackage album, Favorite. He said that he confirmed it with Kenzie herself, and all the members were grateful for her work on the album.

While Kenzie has included the word “love” in many of her works in the past, the specific phrase “I love you” only makes these two appearances. One thing’s for sure: neither of these songs would be the same without those iconic choruses!

Source: Twitter and Berklee
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