TXT Beomgyu’s Reaction To ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Calling During His Live Broadcast Shows Their Relatable Friendship

His response proves their chaotic friendship.

TXT‘s Beomgyu is known to be good friends with fellow HYBE Label artist ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung (left) and TXT’s Beomguy (right) | @archiveoflhs/Twitter

The two became close after TXT and ENHYPEN performed at the 2021 KBS Song Festival, where both groups joined together for an electrifying cover of BTS‘s “Fire.”

Earlier this year, Beomgyu expanded on their endearing friendship when he named Heeseung as one of his sources of happiness in an interview with Weverse Magazine.

I became really close with Heeseung while we were doing the joint performance with ENHYPEN. He’s a funny guy, for one (laughs) and we go to bed at similar times and we’re both into gaming. We grew closer after talking about this and that, and I made more friends one by one, and now we can rely on each other and have fun together.

— Beomgyu

Recently, Beomgyu joined his fellow member Yeonjun for a live broadcast on Weverse, during which he received a call from Heeseung. Beomgyu’s response to the call is relatable to anyone with a best friend who calls or texts at the worst time.

The live broadcast had already started chaotically with Beomgyu pretending to be asleep and Yeonjun pretending to slap him awake.

The chaos continued throughout the broadcast. Beomgyu was asked a pick-up line that fellow member Taehyun had previously given MOAs for a hilarious full-circle moment.

When a MOA said Yeonjun looked scary in the lighting, Yeonjun fully embraced the comment, giving an evil laugh while looking up at the camera.

When a younger fan asked if they could speak casually with Yeonjun, Beomgyu was all too quick to also speak informally with the oldest member of TXT.

While they were reading fans’ comments and questions, Beomgyu received a call from his friend Heeseung. Instead of quietly silencing the call or leaving the room to answer it, Beomgyu called Heeseung out.

Beomgyu: That call just now was from Lee Heeseung
Yeonjun: Hey, you. We’re on [live broadcast.]
BG: Don’t call!
YJ: Don’t call!

Most people have that friend that only calls at the moment you’re unavailable, and it appears that for Beomgyu, that friend is Heeseung. Beomgyu’s blunt response hilariously proves his chaotic sibling-like friendship with Heeseung.

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Source: Weverse Magazine