Even Hueningkai’s Sister Lea Can’t Resist Dancing When TXT’s Music Plays

His sister is definitely their biggest fan!

It goes without saying that TXT‘s maknae Hueningkai is iconic.

TXT’s Hueningkai | BIGHIT MUSIC

But MOAs know that the entire Huening family is iconic. Even his dad is an international singer and now his younger sister Bahiyyih is killing it on Girls Planet 999.


[GirlsPlanet999] ‘포즈 요정!?’ 바로 나야!!😎🌟 #걸스플래닛999 #포즈요정 #PosePixie #휴닝바히에 #HUENINGBAHIYYIH #Mnet #엠넷

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His older sister Lea is also just as iconic! She was a member of the disbanded girl group VIVA before now being a model and social media influencer.

Anyone who knows Lea knows that she’s an absolute TikTok queen. She always stays up-to-date on the latest trends and shows off her dance skills, proving she’s always an idol at heart.


This trend is so cute 💛#foryou #fyp #추천추천 #💛 #foryoupage #랴밥 #leanavvab #추천

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She also continually proves herself to be quite the K-Pop fan herself! She’s not just biased to TXT either because of her brother. She’s a multi-stan, loving every group from BTS to NCT and solo artists like Somi.


개구쟁이 꼬마 버스😝 #foryou #fyp #추천추천 #💛 #foryoupage #랴밥 #leanavvab #추천

♬ Hey Tayo (Tayo Opening Theme Song) – ENHYPEN

She truly proved her love for K-Pop in a K-Pop challenge as she attempted not to smile, sing, or dance to iconic songs by various K-Pop artists. It was just about more than she bargained for too.

With Jay Park‘s “MOMMAE” started off the list, instant retreat hit her face as she struggled not to react. Who knew this challenge would be so challenging?

She stayed strong through both “MOMMAE” and ITZY‘s “WANNABE.” Yet when TXT’s “Blue Hour” came on, she couldn’t resist its catchy tune! Plus, what’s a sister to do? Ignore her brother’s song?

From then on, she attempted to commit again and not react when TWICE‘s “I CAN’T STOP ME” came on, although it’s nearly impossible. Still, she couldn’t not react to Stray Kid‘s “God’s Menu.” Honestly, who can not dance when you hear that “DU DU DU DU DU DU?”

After successfully getting through BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love” and MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s “Maria,” she struggled once BTS’s “Dynamite” played. Immediately she fell into the choreography, and from then on, she had a hard time avoiding dancing along to the rest of the songs.

Especially when Jessi‘s “Nuna Nana” and HyunA‘s “I’m Not Cool,” she had to give up! No one can resist these women’s power anthems.

Despite having been a K-Pop idol herself and being the sister of some, Lea is no different from the rest of K-Pop fans!

Watch her full TikTok video below:


K-pop change 😊#foryou #fyp #추천추천 #💛 #foryoupage #랴밥 #leanavvab #추천

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