TXT Hueningkai’s Sister Is Being Welcomed By Stray Kids Fans For Latest TikTok

“Same girl, same.” – Netizen

Along with having the support of his members, TXT‘s Hueningkai has two sisters. A younger one named Bahiyyih, reportedly on track to become a YG Entertainment trainee, and an older one by the name of Lea, who promoted as an idol in VIVA.

While MOAs fell for how much the two sisters were like their brother in a vlog that has since been changed to private, they aren’t the only ones to be amused by the siblings. STAYs are relating to Lea’s latest TikTok on Stray Kids.

| leanavvab/Instagram

One of TikTok’s latest challenges is to reveal someone who they wouldn’t need a full three hundred and sixty-five days to fall in love with, thanks to the popularity of Netflix‘s infamous film 365 Days.

Lea filmed the video with Hyunjin as the background and added the challenge’s pre-recorded script, “I’m sorry guys, but if this man told me I had three hundred and sixty-five days to fall in love with him, give me ten minutes to say goodbye to my friends and family. ‘Cause honey, I am ready.

@lea_navvab##밸런스게임 우왓 엄마미안 친구들미안 난 이만 가보겠오.. (총총총🐰)ㅎ##추천추천 ##추천 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##💛##스트레이키즈 ##straykids ##현진♬ original sound – aliya.sherif

As soon as STAYs saw the clip, they couldn’t help being surprised that Lea was not only a fan of Stray Kids but how relatable she was. In addition to pointing out her beauty, they were having a laugh over sharing the same feelings of falling for Hyunjin’s charms. Funnily enough, Lea might have a chance to meet her Stray Kids bias.

Long before TXT debuted, Beomgyu had been friends with I.N. Recently, the two had even gone to Hyunjin’s house to celebrate New Year’s Day. Beomgyu just might be able to hook Lea up with a signed item, or possibly a brief video call from the one and only Hyunjin.

Either way, Lea has brought MOAs and STAYs a bit of happiness from the hilariously relatable TikTok.