TXT Members Find Themselves In A Heated Discussion Over Butts… Yes, You Read That Correctly

🍑 How many bottoms do butts make…? 🍑

It started off with a fan’s silly and harmless question: How many bottoms do buttocks make?

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While in English, there are separate terms (buttock vs. bottom) to refer to the individual cheek and the collection of the cheeks, there is only one word (ungdungie, 엉덩이) in Korean to serve both meanings. So when the fan asked, “How many is an ungdungieOne or two?“…

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TXT members blew up their Weverse with a heated discussion! First, Soobin answered the term ungdungie refers to individual cheeks…

TXT’s Soobin | @TXT_members/Twitter

… so the answer would be two.

Wouldn’t it be two? Like how we have have two legs.

— Soobin

Unsure though, he got his fellow groupmates involved. And so commenced the Butt Talk 2020!

I just asked the members and now the five of us are having a discussion. I did not expect us to get this heated about it…

— Soobin

Huening Kai left no wiggle room:

It’s two. TWO.

— Huening Kai

And well, neither did Yeonjun!

Just one. End of discussion.

— Yeonjun

Taehyun, the Logical King, tried to bring some insight to the discussion.

Look, when two people are standing, we don’t say they have four ungdungies.

— Taehyun

He put his foot down and explained it loud and clear why the term ungdungie would only count as one bottom.

There is a right ungdungie cheek and a left ungdungie cheek but we don’t say we have two ungdungies. Just like we have a right brain and a left brain, but we all say we have one brain. I think this should clear up the issue.

— Taehyun

But alas, Soobin remained unconvinced!

Hmm, okay. But the brain isn’t as visibly divided into two parts like the ungdungie. It’s barely divided.

— Soobin

And as for Beomgyu?

TXT’s Beomgyu | @TXT_members/Twitter

Beomgyu could not be bothered by how many ungdungies an ungdungie makes.

Hwaiting to all the ungdungies in this world…

— Beomgyu

Watching this chaos unfold, TXT fans also noticed that their views on this show their MBTI personalities like no other!

And they simply can’t get enough of these silly butts!

So? How many ungdungies is an ungdungie?

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