TXT’s Meme Kings, Soobin And HueningKai, Are Going Viral

These members are just as hilarious as they are handsome.

Netizens are learning more about TXT‘s mysterious members every day, and one of their most recent discoveries is this: Soobin and HueningKai are meme kings in the making!


On February 2, Soobin and HueningKai tweeted this meme-able clip. In it, Soobin waves to the camera and HueningKai waddles away from it like a penguin, with his hoodie hood tied tightly to his head.


The 9-second clip surpassed 1 million views in less than 12 hours, and it’s getting nothing but love. Fans have been having a blast editing HueningKai’s hooded head onto things like beauty blenders…


…and superheroes!


After getting this taste of TXT’s absurd side, fans are even more hyped for TXT’s debut!

TXT's Debut