TXT’s Soobin Garners Love For Respectful Way He Treated Their Backup Dancer

No wonder everyone keeps falling for Soobin.

During TXT‘s “Blue Hour” performance on KBS‘s Music Bank, Beomgyu gained attention for the sweet way he cheered on one of their backup dancers.

In a newly released fancam of Soobin, he’s the next member to receive love for treating their backup dancers kindly.

For the group’s performance on MNET‘s M Countdown, Soobin prepared to add a couple of additions to his stage outfit halfway through the stage, right after Hueningkai‘s lines.

With a slight smile for the backup dancer that’d been waiting, Soobin put on the long jacket he’d been offered, as the rest of the members did.

When Soobin went to add his hat as the finishing touch, Soobin couldn’t take it without showing respect to the backup dancer for helping everything go smoothly.

Though the stage lights darkened, it didn’t go unnoticed that Soobin gave a respectful bow before taking the hat.

Despite their backup dancers being paid to make TXT’s performances look flawless, the fact that Soobin made sure to thank him for the act proved how kind he is.

In fact, Beomgyu and the rest of TXT have proven how respectful they are of others—whether they’re a celebrity or not.

TXT aren’t just “Monster Rookies”; they’re masters of kindness as well. See Soobin’s care for their backup dancer, which shows why everyone can’t resist falling for his charms.


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