TXT’s Soobin Has A Weird Hidden Talent That Nobody Was Expecting

He’s just full of surprises!

TXT‘s leader, Soobin, revealed a strange hidden talent no one was expecting to see.


During TXT’s Debut Celebration Show, TXT’s members shared details about themselves in a “TMI Profile” segment. This included fun facts like their interests, like/dislikes, and skills.


Soobin’s profile featured his birthday (December 5, 2000), height (185 cm), weight (69KG), blood type (A), family (he’s the youngest of 2 boys and 1 girl), and his nickname (Sloth).


The profile also lists his interests as reading, listening to music, and spacing out, but Soobin has a surprising talent to add to it: his extremely stretchy skin!


To find out just how stretchy it is, TXT compared Soobin’s skin to that of a ‘normal’ person, HueningKai. HueningKai’s skin stretched to 3-4cm…


…and Soobin’s stretched to double that: 6cm!


During the show, Soobin also shared his love for BTS‘s Jin, and fans say he’s already picking up Jin’s habits!

TXT’s Soobin Is Taking After BTS’s Jin, And Now Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

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