TXT’s Taehyun Has The Best Response To A Fan “Simping” Over Their Staff

“We have entered the era of idols matchmaking their staff…”

K-Pop fans have always fawned over idols’ incredible visuals, and TXT‘s fans are no exception as they’re always praising the group’s prince-like visuals.


MOAs were especially in for a “rude” awakening after TXT’s stunning first concept pictures for their upcoming album The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION were released.


But while fans gushing over their idol’s visuals is no surprise, fans also unexpectedly fall for the charms of their favorite idols’ staff.

In HYBE‘s episode of The Game Caterers, one of the challenge questions was for SEVENTEEN‘s The8 to bring “The most good-looking manager.” While The8 quickly brought his manager, other groups felt their managers deserved a chance at the title, bringing them out to “compete.”

SEVENTEEN’s The8 with his manager | 채널 십오야/YouTube 
ENHYPEN determined to bring their manager | 채널 십오야/YouTube 

At the time, fans were surprised by the managers’ charms, even cheering them on in comments.

One fan even mentioned that, given their visuals, it almost feels like you have to be handsome to be a manager at HYBE.

And when one fan recently took to Weverse to admire one of TXT’s staff…

| @304verse/Twitter

Taehyun was, as he always is with fans on Weverse, ready to tease them. Boasting that the staff member is “right next to me right now.

Fans couldn’t get over the idea that the staff might now be aware that some fans are “simping” for him.

And some were still jokingly hoping that Taehyung might give them more information about him.

Suggesting that fans may be moving into “the era of idols matchmaking their staff” with their fans.

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