TXT’s Yeonjun Only Has One Requirement For His Ideal Type

Fans are lining up as we speak.

During TXT‘s Yeonjun‘s recent live broadcast, he read a question that many idols come across: what was his ideal type? Not only did he give his simple answer, but he turned it around into a funny situation to charm fans, ending up adorably embarrassing himself.

When first reading the question, he needed a moment to think it through. With a sigh, Yeonjun looked away, looking for the right way to put it into words. Rather than giving a laundry list of traits he preferred, he kept it simple.

After thinking about it some more, he settled on the perfect response. He didn’t have an ideal type at all. All Yeonjun needs is someone who likes him. Seeing an opening to charm fans, he gave a cheesy example.

With a fancy wave of his hand and a smile hidden behind his other hand, Yeonjun said, “MOA.” The flirty line was even too much for him to handle. He instantly began to laugh after saying it.

After cracking up, he voiced how embarrassed he was to have said it. He even took a few moments to bend over and hide behind the table.

The combination of his answer and his cheesy line has fans either laughing at how adorable he is or lining up to be chosen.

It turns out Yeonjun is just a simple guy who doesn’t ask for much!

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