An Unexpected Actress Shocks With Her Idol Talents In Upcoming Netflix Series “Doona!”

Fans were pleasantly surprised!

With just a day left before the premiere of the upcoming Netflix series, Doona!, fans were shocked at the music video for the on-screen girl group for the drama.

This series stars Suzy and Yang Sejong and is about a college student who becomes roommates with Doona, a retired K-pop idol who leaves behind her glamorous days. In the revealed music video, Suzy reveals her idol talents, leaving fans speechless.

Although fans knew just how legendary Suzy would be, viewers were also shocked at actress Go Ah Sung‘s dancing skills too!

I mean Suzy is Suzy but never would I thought to see Go Ah Sung as an idol!

Wow it’s rare to see idol Go Ah Sung! Wish they’d show a bit more!

I was shocked to see actress Go Ah Sung appear in the video!

Doona!…what kind of drama is this to be able to see Go Ah Sung and Suzy in the same frame..for an ending pose at that!

K-Netizens were also shocked at the chemistry and talent from the girls!

  • “I can’t stop watching Go Ah Sung because it’s so intriguing.”
  • “I mean Suzy is Suzy..but how Go Ah Sung so good.”
  • “Wow they even made a music video! They’re all so good can’t wait for the series.”
  • “Go Ah Sung is crazy! She could be an active idol.”
  • “I knew Suzy would be good no doubt, but Go Ah is she so good too.”

To see more of this duo, stay tuned for the premiere on October 20!