Where Are They Now? Here’s What Each Member Of SS501 Is Up To 18 Years After Their Debut

The group has been inactive since 2010, but leave hope for a reunion.

In 2005, DSP Media, which debuted K-Pop acts such as Fin. K.L, Sechs Kies, A-JAX, KARA, KARD, MIRAE, and more, debuted their five-member boy group, SS501.

(From left:) SS501’s Park Jungmin, Kim Hyungjun, Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Yongsaeng, and Kim Kyujong

The second-generation group found massive success in Korea and Japan, promoting as a whole group until 2010 when their contracts with DSP Media ended.

During their active promotions, they released hit songs such as “Snow Prince,” “Love Like This,” “Love Ya,” SS301’s “U R Man,” and three recognizable songs for the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack, “Because I’m Stupid,” “Sometime,” and “Making A Lover.”

Since then, the members have remained active within the entertainment industry. Check out what they’ve been up to!

1. Kim Hyunjoong

Kim Hyunjoong

Kim Hyunjoong debuted as the leader and face of the group, and reached global status as a “flower boy” following his acting debut in the K-Drama classic, Boys Over Flowers, which was adapted from the popular Japanese manga.

Following the end of his contract with DSP Media in 2010, Kim Hyunjoong joined KeyEast and continued his acting and singing career under the new label.

Jung So Min (left) and Kim Hyunjoong in a promotional poster for their 2010 drama “Playful Kiss.”

In 2014, Kim Hyunjoong’s ex-girlfriend, known in the media as Miss Choi, accused him of alleged abuse, sparking years of legal battles between them. That same year, they briefly rekindled their relationship and had a son in 2015.

Kim Hyunjoong won the court case in 2020 and was acquitted of all charges due to lack of evidence. Miss Choi was charged with defamation of character, falsifying information, and providing false statements to the media.

Kim Hyunjoong admitted in a 2020 interview that he withdrew from the spotlight due to the criticisms he faced.

Kim Hyunjoong’s return to television in 2020.

I’m a bright person, but I feel like it’s fading away. I end up reproaching myself because of the criticisms and glares of other people.

— Kim Hyunjoong

In 2022, he confirmed to fans that he married a non-celebrity, and his wife gave birth to a son later that year.

He made his long-awaited comeback with “My Sun” earlier this year and dedicated the song to his son, his dad, and his fans.

Kim Hyunjoong in July 2023 | @hyunjoong860606/Instagram

2. Heo Youngsaeng

Heo Youngsaeng

Heo Youngsaeng debuted as SS501’s main vocalist and became the leader of their popular sub-unit Double S 301 (SS301) in 2008.

Following the end of his contract with DSP Media in 2010, Heo Youngsaeng joined B2M Entertainment and made his solo debut with “Let It Go” featuring HyunA the following year.

Heo Youngsaeng made his musical debut in 2011, playing D’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers. He’s held multiple musical roles since.

In 2015, Heo Youngsaeng was discharged from the military and joined a new company, CI Entertainment, becoming labelmates with SS501’s Kim Hyungjun.

Heo Youngsaeng (left) and Kim Hyungjun (right) in 2015

Heo Youngsaeng, Kim Hyungjun, and Kim Kyujong delighted fans when they reunited as SS301 in 2016 while Kim Hyunjoong and Park Jungmin completed their military service.

Heo Youngsaeng continues to sing and recently held a live showcase for fans in Tokyo on August 19.

Heo Youngsaeng in August 2023 | @youngsaeng17/Instagram

3. Kim Kyujong

Kim Kyujong

Kim Kyujong debuted as SS501’s main rapper and vocalist. Following the end of his contract with DSP Media in 2010, Kim Kyujong joined Heo Youngsaeng at B2M Entertainment, often holding joint events.

He made his solo debut with “Yesterday” in 2011 and made his musical theatre debut in Goong: Musical the same year.

Kim Kyujong in a promotional photo for “Goong: Musical”

Kim Kyujong has held multiple roles in K-Dramas, his most recent being Different Dreams in 2019.

Along with his acting, singing, rapping, and dancing talents, Kim Kyujong is also a skilled artist and has participated in art exhibitions and showcased his pieces on Instagram.

Kim Kyujong joined a new company, Connectome Entertainment, in June 2023.

On August 21, Kim Kyujong posted an image on his official Instagram, teasing he was working on new music.

Kim Kyujong in 2023 | Connectome Entertainment

4. Park Jungmin

Park Jungmin

Park Jungmin debuted as the lead dancer of SS501 and a member of the vocalist and rap line.

He made his musical acting debut in 2008, landing the lead role of Danny in Grease, and has appeared in multiple K-Dramas, two Japanese dramas, and a Taiwanese drama.

Following his departure from DSP Media in 2010, Park Jungmin joined CNr Media, making his solo debut in January 2011 with “Not Alone.” The talented singer debuted in Japan under the stage name Romeo in 2013.

In 2012, Park Jungmin filed to terminate his contract with CNr Media because the company failed to pay the artist his full earnings based on their contractual agreement. Park Jungmin won the lawsuit, successfully terminating his contract.

In 2018, Park Jungmin reunited with Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong to perform a 90-second medley of SS501’s hit songs.

Park Jungmin continues to release music in Korea and Japan.

Park Jungmin in April 2023 | @parkjungmininsta/Instagram

5. Kim Hyungjun

Kim Hyungjun

Kim Hyungjun debuted as SS501’s maknae, rapper, and lead vocalist. Following the end of his contract with DSP Media, he joined S-Plus Entertainment and signed with Avex Entertainment for his activities in Japan.

Like his fellow members, Kim Hyungjun also made his musical debut in Caffeine in 2011, making his official acting debut the following year as Kang Min in My Shining Girl.

Promotional poster for “My Shining Girl”

In 2011, Kim Hyungjun also made his solo debut with the mini-album My Girl, and he held his first solo concert two years later, during which he was briefly joined on stage by fellow SS501 member Kim Kyujong.

Kim Hyungjun (left) and Kim Kyujong (right)

Kim Hyungjun continued to release music in Korea and Japan and appeared in musicals and K-Dramas. Most recently, he held a role in the 2023 musical My Mother.

Kim Hyungjun in January 2023 | @hyungjunking/Instagram

Last year, Kim Hyungjun addressed the current status of SS501, carefully saying that the group has not officially disbanded. He clarified by saying that although they’d been on a long break, there was a possibility they could come together to promote again when the timing was right.

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