A Viral Deepfake Video Of Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Gets A Surprising Reaction From Fans

What do you think of AI being used this way?

A new part of technology that has often drawn mixed opinions is the usage of AI. From being used to create artwork to the sometimes conflicting ability to have anyone sing any song, its reception is deeply varied from person to person.

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One way that has constantly left many feeling uneasy is how it can be used to alter real-life images or clips of people. For example, some were left mystified after NCT Taeyong‘s photos were edited, while netizens have admitted that deep fakes created using such technology can be extremely dangerous.

Edited photo of NCT’s Taeyong | Intiz

A recently deep-faked video of Stray KidsHyunjin has earned its own unique reaction from fans.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | Esquire Korea

The TikTok user @realfantreon has shared multiple videos of idols “ai-ed” to other people’s faces, creating some pretty convincing clips.


TWICE TZUYU x MOMO LE SSERAFIM Perfect_Night challenge (what if series) #TWICE #TZUYU #MOMO #Perfect_Night #LE_SSERAFIM

♬ original sound – Fantreon – Fantreon

In a now-viral video, Hyunjin appears to be dancing to NCT U‘s “Baggy Jeans” with some of the subunit’s members. However, no such video exists — Hyunjin’s face was actually edited in over Taeyong’s to create the clip.



SKZ Hyunjin(현진) x NCT BaggyJeans Challenge 👖 #Straykids #BaggyJeans (what if series) #HYUNJIN #현진 #스트레이키즈 #엔시티 #NCT #SKZ

♬ original sound – Fantreon – Fantreon



우린 흘러내리지 U know what I mean 👖✨ #TAEYONG #TEN #DOYOUNG #JAEHYUN #MARK #NCT #NCTU #NCT127 #NCTDREAM #WayV #NCT_DOJAEJUNG #BaggyJeans

♬ Baggy Jeans – NCT U

While using AI to deep-fake content is sometimes worrying, this usage was well received by fans who had one request: Hyunjin to dye his hair cotton candy colored like Taeyong’s!

NCT’s Taeyong | SM Entertainment

| @realfantreon/TikTok

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