Here Are The Visuals From BTS V’s Legendary Live Broadcast That Just Hit 343 Million Views

V’s face makes the broadcast worthy of a thousand replays.

BTS V‘s solo live broadcast from five months ago has resurfaced for a thorough re-watching session among ARMYs, as it recently surpassed a shocking number of 343+ million views.


This live, titled “BTS Live : Long Time No See πŸ’œ”, is the first and the only broadcast by BTS to reach this mark. ARMYs are celebrating V’s new record by watching (and being enchanted by) the whole thing again!


This particular broadcast, labeled by ARMYs as the most legendary, visual-packed live, also received over a billion hearts β€” proving that it is definitely one of the most beloved broadcasts by BTS ever!


Some ARMYs may remember this broadcast as the one in which V boasted his A+ “boyfriend look” in his simple white tee shirt and glasses:

BTS’s V In This Live Broadcast Rocking The Boyfriend Look Has All The ARMYs Claiming Him


Other ARMYs may only remember the most breathtaking last “seven minutes of heaven” of this live:


Either way, it only makes sense that ARMYs are obsessing over this broadcast for the 343 millionth time. Like, where else would this kind of prime quality visual be available, right?

ICYMI, watch the full broadcast here:

Source: THEQOO