The One Vital Thing ENHYPEN Must Do After Concerts That Makes A Huge Difference To Them

It’s especially important after performances.

At the We Bridge Festival 2023 in Las Vegas, ENHYPEN sat down for an interview with Billboard News Tetris Kelly to talk about everything from which member takes the longest to get ready to what they make sure to do before they go on stage.

ENHYPEN | @enhypen/Instagram

Conversely, they also discussed what they must do after their concert comes to an end—and it actually makes a huge difference to their condition!

And what about when you walk off stage? When you’re done with the performance, what’s next?

— Tetris Kelly

According to member Jay, they always make sure to drink a ton of water. It may sound simple, but there’s an important reason why they make sure to hydrate.

A lot of dust and smoke fill the stage when they perform. They can’t help but inhale it all, so drinking water is absolutely essential.

I think drinking water is important because there’s a lot of dust in the air. Like all the smoke. We need to do another show each day, so I think drinking water is important.

— Jay

They also never forget to say goodbye to their staff members, thanking them for their hard work. They value people’s efforts to make their concerts possible, so they never forget to show their appreciation. It says a lot about them!

We always go around saying ‘great job, thank you.’

— Heeseung

Meanwhile, watch the full interview below.

Source: YouTube


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