VIXX’s Hyuk Trying To Tame Drunk Hongbin In A Past Livestream Resurfaces, In Light Of Recent Controversy

“I’m worried you’re going to regret this later…”

In light of VIXX Hongbin‘s recent controversial drunk livestream, in which he allegedly disrespected his fellow idol groups, another drunk livestream from a year ago has resurfaced.

In this previous livestream, Hongbin can be heard talking to the viewers — though he sounds slightly worked up over something.

Is this funny? You can laugh if you want. Go off and say, ‘Man, this dude is tainted now.’ But sorry. No matter how much you mock me… I’m different. I’m more experienced…

— Hongbin

Then, in the background, Hongbin’s teammate Hyuk can be heard entering the room:

Ooookay. I’m here from the ‘Stop Hongbin From Embarrassing Himself’ committee.

— Hyuk

The conversation goes on, with Hyuk trying to talk Hongbin down and convince him to end the livestream there:

Hongbin: You a*****e, haha!
Hyuk: The ‘Stop Hongbin From Embarrassing Himself’ committee would like to know if you’re still good to continue this livestream?
Hongbin: Yes, yes.
Hyuk: Or, I mean, I can help you out a bit right now.
Hongbin: You want to ask me some questions?
Hyuk: Oh, no, no.
Hongbin: Come on, talk to me.
Hyuk: I’m here because some complaints have been filed.
Hongbin: Did you get a lot of complaints?

Hyuk can be heard gently talking Hongbin out of “doing things he will later regret”. Eventually, Hongbin gives in and asks Hyuk if he will continue to be the “Stop Hongbin From Embarrassing Himself” committee, even when they move out and away from each other.

Hyuk: What do you say, should I help you out with wrapping things up here? I see that you’ve been having quite an honest talk. But I’m worried you’re going to regret this later.
Hongbin: We’re all going to regret this later, you know!
Hyuk: Yes, but I feel like you specifically will regret this a lot tomorrow.
Hongbin: But I was just talking about how I’ve been dealing with life…
Hyuk: I know. Of course I know. But I’m sorry, it’s too funny… and I am really worried that you’re going to wake up tomorrow and really regret this.
Hongbin: Fine, fine, fine. Are you going to keep being the committee even when I move out? Will you come when I’m in trouble?
Hyuk: Of course I’ll be.
Hongbin: Please. Come get me if I get into trouble, okay?
Hyuk: I’ll come before you get into trouble.
Hongbin: So you’ll come when I’m in trouble?
Hyuk: Of course.

Hyuk then adds that Hongbin will “thank him later”.

One day, I know you’ll appreciate this and be like, ‘Thank you for stopping your hyung from creating embarrassing history’…

— Hyuk

With this past experience with “Drunk Hongbin” resurfacing, netizens can’t help but remain bummed at what has happened.

In the meanwhile, Hongbin and Jellyfish Entertainment have all shared their sincerest apologies for the recent controversial livestream.

VIXX’s Hongbin Posts Apology On Instagram Regarding Recent Live Stream

Listen to the full conversation here:

Source: THEQOO