VIXX Ravi’s Simple Message For SHINee’s Taemin During His Live Left Everyone Feeling Extra Soft

It couldn’t get any softer than this:

The Padding Squad has been pretty active lately, reminding everyone why they are one of the best friendship groups around. One such reminder of their awesome bond was a simple message VIXX‘s Ravi left for SHINee‘s Taemin during his Instagram live.

Image: @RealVIXX/Twitter

Taemin recently went live to have some fun with fans, answer questions, and simply chat with Shawols. During part of his live, Taemin noticed a comment and switching to English he let everyone know just how much he was missing them.

As fans began telling Taemin how much they missed him too, someone else snuck into the chat — Ravi! No sooner had Taemin said the words “I miss you” before Ravi popped on to let Taemin know that he missed him right back!

Ravi’s surprise appearance certainly didn’t go unnoticed by fans who are seriously loving the fact that he randomly appeared just in time to leave that particular message for Taemin!

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