Kang Daniel’s Safety Pin Earring Sends An Important Message To Fans

He loves his fans. All of them.

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel recently wore this stylish safety pin earring at a concert, but there’s more to his accessory than aesthetics.


Safety pins have been a staple in the entertainment world since the early days of punk, a music subculture that embraces difference, individuality, and rebellion against the status quo.


More recently though, safety pins have also become symbols of support worn to show solidarity with minorities.


In 2016, the United Kingdom experienced a spike in hate crimes against immigrants and minorities, following Brexit. In response to this, many people began to wear safety pins to show solidarity with immigrants living in the UK.


That same year, the safety pin trend also took off in the US, following President Donald Trump‘s election. US citizens began wearing safety pins as a symbol of solidarity with any minorities who had experienced discrimination, such as immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and religious minorities.


When Kang Daniel wore a safety pin earring back in January, Wannables suspected that the earring wasn’t chosen at random.


After all, this star has a history of promoting good causes through his fashion choices. For example, he wore Marymond products to support comfort women victims…


…and wore Dokdo shoes, to raise awareness for the Korean island, Dokdo.

Kang Daniel Wanted To Use His Popularity To Do Good, So He Decided To Wear These Shoes


It turns out, fans were right about Kang Daniel’s earrings. On October 7, Kang Daniel confirmed that he is aware of the safety pin’s meaning when he left this response on his fan cafe.


By wearing safety pins, Kang Daniel is sending fans this message: “I am safe”. He has assured Wannables that he does not discriminate against them, no matter who they are or where they come from.


Fans are now praising Kang Daniel for being such a good role model.


This small, but significant, act of kindness shows how big Kang Daniel’s heart is!

Source: The Guardian and CTV

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