WayV’s Ten And YangYang Decided To Become Idols Thanks To The Super Junior Fans In Their Family

We are eternally grateful to their ELF family members!

WayV‘s Ten and YangYang may have grown up far away from the world of K-Pop, but K-Pop still found its way into their lives!

Ten (left) and YangYang (right). | @wayv_official/Twitter

During their appearance on Youtuber Quaddurup and Super Junior Shindong‘s show, Tell Me Somesing, the two WayV members were asked how they joined SM Entertainment in the first place.

Quaddurup (left) and Shindong (right). | SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

YangYang has his own unbelievable pre-audition story (he auditioned after dreaming about being a famous singer during a medically-induced “coma“). But he revealed that he actually knew about K-Pop in the first place because his mother is a huge Super Junior fan!

“Actually… my mother is a big Super Junior fan.” | SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

Quaddurup and Shindong were surprised to hear this, especially Shindong. Not only was YangYang’s mother a fan, but YangYang saw Super Junior in concert when he was just 9 years old!

| SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

Ten also has an ELF in his family! His grandmother is a big fan of Super Junior, which surprised Shindong even more. The first K-Pop song he ever danced to was none other than their 2009 hit single, “Sorry Sorry.”

| SM C&C STUDIO/YouTube 

Thanks to their family introducing them to K-Pop and supporting their dreams, Ten and YangYang successfully auditioned for SM Entertainment and were able to debut together as members of WayV and NCT!

Check out the full episode below.

Source: YouTube and Twitter


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