WayV’s Ten Had The Most Relatable Reaction During A Shopping Trip With Yangyang

We all know the feeling!

In the latest episode of WayV‘s WayV-ariety show, Ten and Yangyang continued their Enjoy The Challenge! series. After visiting a professional to help them identify their “personal colors,” the two went shopping to pick out some outfits!

At one point, armed with a pile of clothes, Ten forgot all about the mission and started enjoying just looking at clothes. In particular, he found a jacket that seemed perfect.

When Ten spotted the item, he showed fans his very relatable way of shopping!

This is what I usually do. ‘Oh, this one’s pretty,’ and I look at the price.


After checking the price, Ten then somehow found a reason that he shouldn’t buy the item.

Even Ten couldn’t hide how relatable he was in this moment!

It’s good to see that even K-Pop idols have to find ways to stop themselves from buying expensive clothes.

You can watch the whole video below.


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