Is Jenna Ortega An Orbit? Video Of The “Wednesday” Actress Talking About LOONA Resurfaces

It’s only a matter of time until she becomes an Orbit!

Everyone is obsessed with Netflix and Tim Burton‘s Wednesday, the newest Addams’ Family rebootthese days, including K-Pop fans.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Considering one of its cast members, Emma Myers, who plays Wednesday Addams’ roommate, Enid Sinclair, is a K-Pop stan herself, it should be no surprise.

Yet, she is the only known K-Pop fan among the cast. Still, everyone has been holding out hope for Wednesday Addams herself, Jenna Ortega, so much so that she has been subject to lots of K-Pop rumors. From allegedly dating NCT‘s Haechan, thanks to a viral TikTok, to claims that she is obsessed with certain K-Pop groups and albums…


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One group that often falls into the rumors with Ortega is none other than the girl group LOONA. Not only have tweets gone viral with claims that she is an Orbit…

But another reported that she unfollowed LOONA in a boycott of BlockBerry Creative since their removal of Chuu.

Is she Chuu or Hyunjin biased? The internet gives mixed messages…

One Wednesday x Enid fancam has been going viral with over 12K views, and the audio used? It’s “Heart Attack!”

It seems like considering Jenna Ortega and LOONA keep getting entangled in “rumors,” it was only a matter of time until fans’ dreams became a reality and we discover she is actually an Orbit. While this hasn’t come to fruition, she at least acknowledged their existence.

| Netflix

In a resurfaced video clip from an Instagram Live in October 2020, Ortega read a comment suggesting she “listen to LOONA.” She asked, “Is that like a new song, or is that an artist?”


wait till she finds out it’s 12 bitches 😭😭😭

♬ original sound – ur favorite Honduran🇭🇳

While Jenna Ortega might not really be an Orbit, co-star Emma Myers said that she thinks her character Enid would be a fan of LOONA!

Considering the two actresses’ friendship, we know Ortega must have totally listened to LOONA by now!

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