Former WJSN Member Cheng Xiao Surprises With Fluent Korean In Chinese Show Even Years After Leaving Korea

She spoke confidently and clearly.

Former WJSN (Cosmic Girls) member Cheng Xiao caught fans by surprise when she showed off her Korean skills for the first time in a while! The singer-actress debuted in the K-Pop group in 2016 then began her solo activities in China in early 2018 before ultimately deciding not to renew her contract with Starship Entertainment this year.

Even though it has been several years since she last needed to speak Korean, she impressively still knows how to do it!

Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao is currently a host and team leader in Chinese reality TV show, Great Dance Crew Season 2 where top dance crews choreograph routines and fight for the championship through battles.

One group on the show may be a familiar name among K-Pop fans: PROWDMON, a Korean dance crew who competed in the hit Mnet reality show, Street Woman Fighter.


In a recent episode, the women enthralled with their beautiful and magical performance. Their top-notch skills were evident to everyone watching.

And just like everyone else, Cheng Xiao also enjoyed their performance! When they finished, she took the mic and greeted them in Korean with a bright smile on her face.

She praised how effortless they made each move look, especially in the part where they lay on the ground then slowly raise their bodies.

Fans who saw her speaking in Korean were pleasantly surprised. They love how she hasn’t forgotten the language despite being based in China, and they expressed adoration for her “cute” accent and way of speaking.

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

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