Woman Demands Divorce From Her Husband After Being Catfished By “Ji Chang Wook”

“Ji Chang Wook” also asked her for money to start his own entertainment company.

Korean YouTuber Jina Kim usually vlogs about her day or shares things you should know about her home country, however, this time, she shared a story sent in by one of her viewers. The story in question? His wife was asking him to divorce after “meeting” a famous Korean celebrity online.

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What the WHAT?! Yes, we said what we said! One of Jina’s fans from the UK revealed that his wife, with whom he shares two children, asked him for divorce after coming in contact with “Ji Chang Wook” on social media.

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If for some reason you don’t know who Ji Chang Wook is, well, you may have been living under a rock. The sexy world-famous actor is known as the face of the Hallyu movement, most well-known for his part in the historical drama Empress Ki. More recently, he starred in SBS’s K-Drama Backstreet Rookie with Kim Yoo Jung. He’s also good friends with Infinite‘s Sunggyu. Anyway, you get the point — he’s kind of a big deal.

Ji Chang Wook

With his devilishly good looks, the Ji Chang Wook has snatched the hearts of women across the world — including the wife of the man in this story. The man, who we’ll call John, for simplicity’s sake. “John” reached out to Jina with his problem, saying:

My wife is becoming a victim of this Korean actor, Ji Chang Wook, and he has lots of different accounts — Facebook and Instagram.


Ji Chang Wook’s Facebook | Source: itsjinakim/YouTube

Now, while it’s common knowledge that celebrities likely have private social media accounts, they also don’t go around DMing strangers saying, “Hey, I’m [celebrity].” It just doesn’t, however, “John’s” wife wasn’t willing to accept that, and was so convinced that she was messaging with Ji Chang Wook that she asked him to divorce her so that she would be with the actor.

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“John” was dubious about the legitimacy of Ji Chang Wook’s messages to his wife, explaining to Jina that his wife received messages from the “actor” nearly 24/7. Additionally, all of the messages Ji Chang Wook sent to “John’s” wife were in English.

Ji Chang Wook | Source: ANGIE NG/Straits Times

To add insult to injury, the scammer behind the fake Ji Chang Wook account asked “John’s” wife for money so that he could start his own company. In his desperation, “John” reached out to Jina asking her how he could report the scammer to the police in Korea.

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Jina referred him to Ji Chang Wook’s agency, encouraging him to report the fake account in hopes that the agency would take action. Unfortunately, as far as Jina and “John” know, the agency never followed up on the report.

Ji Chang Wook

Not all hope was lost, though! “John’s” sister is an anti-scammer genius. His sister made many fake accounts on social media in an attempt to engage with “Ji Chang Wook”, and in the end, she confused the scammer enough that he sent a message intended for another woman to “John’s” wife!

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After three months, “John” finally had his wife back when she realized she was being catfished by someone using Ji Chang Wook’s photo!

Watch the entire video below: