Lee Jinhyuk Proves X1’s Bond Is Everlasting With A Heartwarming Message And Reunion Photos

Their friendship is as strong as ever:

UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk has been warming hearts everywhere by proving that although X1 may not be together anymore, their bond is as strong as ever.

On March 8, Jinhyuk headed over to Instagram to share a sweet reunion photo from his latest hangout session with Kim Yohan, Kim Mingyu, Lee Hangyul, and Nam Dohyon.

While the photo already captured the hearts of fans everywhere, Jinhyuk’s caption really set hearts ablaze as he reaffirmed just how close they truly are with the words, “Still my brothers.

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still my brothers.

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Jinhyuk wasn’t the only one to prove their friendship is still going strong either! Mingyu also posted the photo on his Instagram along with the words, “A good day with good people.

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좋은사람들과 좋은하루~

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Likewise, Hangyul also posted a few photos from the hangout and even thanked Yohan for a meal together!

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요한아 밥 잘먹었다잉!!

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To top it off, fans also spotted Song Yuvin in the comments asking why they had hung out without him!

Knowing that they not only took the time to meet up but also have kept their friendship so strong has been putting a huge smile on everyone’s face!

Meanwhile, the five friends are all gearing up for their next activities. Yohan is preparing to make his acting debut on School 2020 while Jinhyuk prepares for his own acting debut in The Way He Remembers (also known as Find Me In Your Memory). Hangyul and Dohyon are getting ready to release a mini-album as a duo and Mingyu recently began hosting on The Show!