Kim Yohan Just Reunited With His Fellow Former X1 Members Minhee And Hyeongjun

They had a mini-reunion at the 2020 Dream Concert!

From the moment Kim Yohan was confirmed as an MC for the 2020 Dream Concert, everyone was excited for possible interactions between Yohan and his fellow former X1 members Minhee and Hyeongjun who were set to perform at the event with their group CRAVITY. Now, that interaction has become a reality!

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On July 25, the online Dream Concert CONNECT:D kicked off with many amazing performances including a fire stage from CRAVITY. While everyone wondered whether or not Minhee, Hyeongjun, and Yohan were able to meet up during the first day of the concert Yohan soon revealed that they had!

The following day, on July 26, Yohan shared a photo from their reunion that perfectly captured their everlasting friendship. Along with the pic which features the three friends posing together, Yohan captioned the moment with, “You worked hard babies.”

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수고했어 애기들👍

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Unsurprisingly, the sweet moment has been thoroughly warming hearts with fans absolutely loving seeing their continued friendship, love, and support for each other.

Kim Yohan, meanwhile, is currently getting ready to debut at part of OUI Entertainment‘s new boy group WEi while CRAVITY just successfully wrapped up promotions for “Cloud 9”.