How Far Would Yeo Jin Goo Travel To Meet His IU “Noona”? — Yeo Jin Goo Has Spoken

Yeo Jin Goo’s love for his IU “Noona” is beyond any typical friendship.

On a recent episode of tvN‘s House On Wheels, actor Yeo Jin Goo revealed just how much love and loyalty he has for his IU “Noona”.

| @tvn_joy/Instagram

When asked about how IU ended up appearing on the show, IU shared that it was all because of Yeo Jin Goo.

Jin Goo isn’t the type to ask me for favors, but he asked me if I could come on this show. There are times when you feel thankful that they’re asking you for a favor. That’s how I ended up coming.

— IU

IU confessed,

I can feel that he keeps worrying if I’m having a hard time today.

— IU

As soon as Yeo Jin Goo showed up and sat next to IU, the two sat quietly for a while, and IU assured everyone that they’re not awkward with each other.

People think we’re awkward with each other when we don’t talk. But we normally just hang out like this.

— IU

Following a moment of silence, Yeo Jin Goo thanked his IU “noona” for coming, and IU had a crucial question for him in response.

That means you need to do me a favor next time. I came to Mungyeong for you. How far can you travel to meet me?

— IU

And Yeo Jin Goo’s answer?

I’ll travel to another country for you. If you call, I’ll be there.

— Yeo Jin Goo

| @tvn_joy/Instagram

It’s clear the friendship between Yeo Jin Goo and IU is worthy of envy, and fans just can’t get enough.

  • They’re my favorite “Hotel Del Luna” combination.
  • I love seeing those two together.
  • Actually, if IU called me, I’d travel anywhere, too.
  • I love how close they are.
  • Can they do another drama together?

May their sweet friendship last a lifetime.