Yunjin Admits That LE SSERAFIM’s Own Songs Don’t Suit Her Best—Here’s What Does

Even the host of the show agreed with her.

Every line that Yunjin sings in LE SSERAFIM‘s songs is absolute perfection, but does she believe that their musical style suits her best? She answered this question on a recent episode of Leemujin Service.

Yunjin | @jenaissante/Instagram

After covering the song “SLOW” by SOLE, host Lee Mujin complimented her vocals and expressed shock that she could sing such a different song so well. He’s more accustomed to her style of singing in the K-Pop girl group.

I’m very surprised. As Yunjin, not LE SSERAFIM, you can even sing this kind of groovy song.

— Lee Mujin


He then asked her if she prefers groovy songs or LE SSERAFIM’s songs. “In your opinion, which song fits you more? This groovy song or song by LE SSERAFIM?” he questioned.

First, she prefaced her answer by sharing that her goal is to be skilled enough to sing any genre with ease.

My dream is to become a singer who can sing any genre well.

— Yunjin

But if she really had to pick, she believes that groovy songs suit her better! Lee Mujin nodded his head and added that he thinks she suits both genres well. However, he personally believes that her voice suits mellow songs particularly well.

  • Yunjin: Although both songs are really good, I think this groovy song fits me more
  • Lee Mujin: I agree. It doesn’t mean that you don’t fit to LE SSERAFIM’s songs. It’s just my personal opinion that your voice matches well with the song that you just sang.

Afterwards, he asked about her history singing opera. Learn how she started and what it was like starring in Phantom Of The Opera as Carlotta in the article below.

LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Dishes On How She Started Singing Opera And The Story Behind Her “Phantom Of The Opera” Role

Source: YouTube


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