Burning Sun CEO Gets Sentenced To Probation For Drug Use And Distribution At His Club

He will be serving a “suspended sentence”.

Korean Film About Celebrities And Drugs Revealed To Be Filmed At Club Burning Sun

Netizens are shocked at the similarities between the film and the Burning Sun case.

Korean Police Commissioner Promises To Learn From Burning Sun And Thoroughly Investigate YG Entertainment

“We will conduct an exhaustive investigation”

New Club Called “Label” Is Reportedly The Exact Same Club As Burning Sun

It’s called “The 2nd Burning Sun”.

G-Dragon’s Stories Of Seungri’s Now Infamous Gatsby Party Are Chilling In Retrospect

Seungri revelled in the attention.

Hwang Hana Is Active On Instagram Despite Being in Detention

Her Instagram has some noticeable changes.

Burning Sun Club Allegedly Involved In Filming Snuff And Torture Videos

Witnesses report seeing women tied up.

Police Suspect Seungri Embezzled Money Through Burning Sun’s Rent

Here’s what they did:

Seungri Reportedly Owns 40% Of Burning Sun’s Shares Despite His Claims

Seungri has been caught in another lie.

Seungri’s Scandal: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Here is everything we know about Seungri’s scandal from the Burning Sun Assault case until now.