10 Idols Who Who Were Rejected By Their Own Fans

The following 10 idols reached out to their fans only to be rejected, but they took their rejection in stride and the results are these hysterical interactions. Whoops! 1. G-Dragon 2. Jessica 3. BtoB Changsub (x2) 4. 9MUSES Kyungri 5. TWICE Nayeon 6. Lovelyz Mijoo 7. Nam Taehyun 8. IU 9. MONSTA X Hyungwon 10. […]

10+ Sexy Shirtless Korean Men To Help You Get Through The Day

There are some days where you wake up for school or work and don’t know how to get through the day. One look at these shirtless men and you’ll be able to pull through and get your work done. 1. Super Junior Siwon 2. SHINee Minho 3. Nam Joo Hyuk 4. EXO Xiumin 5. EXO […]

5 Different Reactions Of Idols Seeing Their Reflections

Fans have been bringing hand mirrors to idols’ fan signing events and telling their idols that they brought a pretty gift for them. When the idol asks, “What is it?”, fans will open up the hand mirror and show the idol their own reflection. Check out these 5 idols’ reactions to this gift below! 1. […]

How Many Idols Can You Identify By Just Looking At Their Hands?

From slender and delicate hands to big and masculine hands, hands are one of the many widely praised features of idols. Put your K-Pop knowledge to the test and see just how skilled you are at identifying idols by just their hands. 1.  2.  3.   4.  5.  6.  7. 8.  9.  10.  1. BTS’s Suga  […]

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