Gong Yoo Confesses He’s Been Mentally Suffering Ever Since “Goblin” Ended

Gong Yoo played a great, though lonely, god in Goblin, but when he returned to his regular life, he had to face some very human trials of his own. He recently spoke with Elle Korea for an upcoming edition regarding what a difficult year it has been for him, filming not just Goblin, but numerous other movies […]


If You Take The Seoul Subway, Here Are 20 Korean Celebrities You Could Meet

If you’re taking the subway in Seoul, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for K-Pop idols as several have been known to take the metro in the past!  Here are just 20 idols, you could run into while taking the Seoul subway. WANNA-ONE’s Daniel & Sungwoo BIGBANG’s G-Dragon AOA’s Seolhyun Park Bo Gum […]

These Pictures Show Just How Amazingly Perfect Gong Yoo’s Body Is

Gong Yoo has easily become one of the sexiest men in Korea and his popularity is skyrocketing ever since Goblin! But have you seen Gong Yoo without a shirt on? Not only is he handsome, he’s totally ripped, 182cm tall and stylish as hell too. Gong Yoo doesn’t often do shirtless photo shoots, but this […]

Rare Footage Of Gongyoo Singing In English Will Make You Fall In Love With Him Again

Many don’t expect for actors to necessarily have a knack for singing, but there are quite many Korean actors that do have musical backgrounds! 1. Gong YooThe actor lent his husky voice for the Findg Mr.Destiny OST” “Second First Love,” BIG OST “Because It’s You,” and sang covers during his fanmeetings. 2. Lee Min Ho Actor Lee Min Ho has […]

8 Times Korean Actors Risked Their Lives On Camera

In the entertainment industry, it’s a common practice for stunt doubles to perform dangerous scenes.  However, some actors are so brave and dedicated to their roles that they said goodbye to the stunt doubles and performed these scenes themselves. 1. Lee Jun Ki – Joseon Gunman Lee Jun Ki is not afraid to perform his own stunts, […]

Gong Yoo’s Twin Spotted Working In The Philippines

Filipino Eriel Pangan Mendoza was shocked when she walked into her local KFC to discover Gong Yoo would be serving her! Okay, well, not quite Gong Yoo… but the handsome stranger was quite the look alike to the Goblin actor. Mendoza quickly took to Facebook to let everyone know of her amazing discovery! “I found Goblin’s Kim […]

Over 45,000 Koreans Vote On Which Idol Is The Best Kisser

In a poll totaling 47,355 votes, Netizens came together to select which of their favorite male actors portrayed the best on-screen kisses. Many actors were up for the vote – including favorites like Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo, and Kim Soo Hyun, but the list may surprise you. Here are the results of the poll, which totaled […]

Gong Yoo Rejected Roles in Goblin and DOTS Writer dramas, and here’s why

Gong Yoo was meant to play the lead on Descendants of the Sun, but it was eventually given to Song Joong Ki. Yoo Si Jin was initially offered to Gong Yoo but declined the role. The drama writer Kim Eun Sook also recently revealed that Gong Yoo was the actor that refused most of her work. […]

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