These Are The 10 Most Handsome Korean Celebrities, According To Science

The science is in: a good looking man is more than his good looks. According to specialists, the human face’s aesthetics can be measured by its correlation with the “Golden Ratio”, aka Fibonacci’s Sequence. Quick to adapt, plastic surgeons took this idea into account for their patients. They have mapped out faces of actors and idols […]


7 Top Actors You Never Knew Almost Became Idols Instead

These 7 Korean celebrities were training to become idols before they chose acting as the career instead. Had they not been famous for being actors and actresses, there is no doubt that these celebrities would have made great idol members. 1. Lee Jong Suk Lee Jong Suk once revealed that he could have been a […]


Here’s How Good Looking Wonbin Used To Be When He Was 20

Pictures of Kim Won Bin in his 20s have resurfaced and everyone is in awe of how devastatingly handsome he was. Kim Won Bin is currently known as one of best-looking actors, so you can imagine what he must have looked like as a young man! Indeed, as a man in his twenties, Won Bin was […]

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